8sian has partnered with DSP Media to promote the K-Pop sensation “April.”

They debuted this week in a memorable show at Coex Mall in Seoul. The six-member group’s performance of “Dream Candy” was streamed to CIBN.com and watched by their fans in China. The concert generated 409,000 live stream views and 1.6 million VOD views. 8sian is proud of the girls and the achievements they have made so far. We plan to help them to expand and continue to reach millions of Chinese-language speakers.

Monterey Park Fire Department

Last week, we worked with the Monterey Park Fire Department on a campaign to reduce home fires in our neighborhoods. We also got a sneak peak at the life of a California firefighter. Stay tuned for more info.

up idol
Up Idol 偶像來了

Up Idol 偶像來了, is a new reality show produced by Hunan TV featuring 10 beautiful and popular actresses traveling to different cities in China. It is also marks the return of screen legend Lin Ching-hsia after after a 20-year hiatus from performing. The show has only been available on YouTube for three weeks. However, its first 3 episodes have already been seen by 290,000 viewers in the US and 1.4 million worldwide (excluding mainland China). Advertising opportunities for Up Idol are now available. Watch Up Idol on HunanTV Youtube Channel.

AMOUR-LOVE SONG CONCERT featuring LYN ( OST),Kim TAE WOO [g.o.d] ,ISU[MC the MAX] will take place at Fantasy Springs on AUG 29TH, 2015. 8sian is their exclusive Chinese media partner.